One of the most important stages in education is the transition into higher education, which can be tricky. Not just the difficulty of earning a place but even just choosing the right university and understanding the complex application procedures.

Our expert consultancy team will advise and prepare you for university applications to top U.K. universities or Ivy League colleges in the US. We specialise in applications to London Universities, Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy Leagues.

Our team will assist you every step of the way, ensuring your application is as strong as possible so that you can secure a place at your dream University


We understand the process applying to university can be daunting. Our consultancy team have many years experience applying students to some of the world's finest educational establishments in the UK and US.

Our consultancy packages involve a personal team who will manage your application and track progress. We have personal consultants for individual universities and colleges who understand the intricate procedures of specific schools, they are usually ex-staff or alumni.


Finally, we pair our students with PhD level tutors who will help prepare you for the transition to university. They will cover course material and key skills to help you move easily from A-level to university standard.


We recognise that transitioning to university can be a challenging time. So we go that extra step to make sure you are fully prepared for that big leap into higher education.

Once you have secured a place at a university, we offer a mentor for the first year of study at University. Our mentors will be high-performing alumni of your chosen College or University.

They have been through the process themselves, so know first hand what to expect and how to deal with it. They will help you find your feet and quickly settle in. Your mentor will see you through the first year with ease, helping you make sense of a challenging time.