Central to our mission is the delivery of excellent teaching professionals to our clients, whether they are individuals or institutions. We work with top independent and international schools in Russia, providing dedicated, passionate, and talented teachers to a deserving market.


We believe that every child needs teachers that change their lives, teachers who impact their students and mould the minds of generations to come.


Our teachers are not only experts in their fields, but they genuinely care about what they do, helping you to realise the vision of your school with a strong base of professionals to support the school and the children.


We have strategic partnerships with a number of private and international schools in Moscow to recruit highly talented teachers to work in their schools.

We visit each school personally and make it our mission to understand what kind of individual would thrive in that environment.

All of our teachers are exceptional education professionals with the highest level of education and specialised experience in the positions they are put into. We help schools increase their retention rates and boost academic performance with Spencer Perceval teachers.


At Spencer Perceval, we specialise in finding you a position that fulfils you and helps you to be the best teacher you can be.


We are actively involved in all stages of finding you the perfect fit. We can help you find your first teaching position, or for experienced teachers, we can help you to move up the career ladder to more senior positions.


We engage in contract negotiations on your behalf and actively monitor the progress of our placed teachers.