The most important factor when choosing a school is the fit for your son or daughter. We help you to choose the perfect school which will suit your needs and wants.


We put in place the right academic support packages to ensure your child reaches their ambitions and gains entry to the most exclusive and academic educational institutions in the world.


Our team of expert consultants have first class knowledge and expertise that allows them to successfully place students every year in their top-choice schools.


Our school placement process is thorough, strategic and meticulous. We combine insightful assessment with high-level strategy. We communicate closely with schools and create bespoke educational programmes designed to maximise your child’s opportunity to succeed.


Every school has a unique admission process. Our team of experts maintain strong relations with schools ensuring that our Academic Directors are in control of every step of the process.


We take a holistic approach to education and our preparation programmes are entirely bespoke to your child, focussing on their interests to augment engagement.


Spencer Perceval Education maintains strong relations with leading Independent schools through it’s school advisor programme. We have numerous ex-house masters and teachers from the very best boarding schools. Our expert advisors work with us to prepare applications and to arrange school visits.


We also speak to recent alumni of leading schools to gain inside information to better inform applications specifically relating to boarding houses.


Furthermore, our mock-interviews are led by alumni of the schools where your child has applied to ensure your child is fully prepared for the process.