One of our largest offerings is a classic English Nanny. A staple in any Aristocratic family was and still is the English Nanny. 

Our Nannies are fully trained and qualified in childcare and teaching English as a foreign language (as native speakers). It is a truly incredible gift to give your child the ability to speak two or more languages. By starting with an English Nanny, you can begin that journey with us.

A Nanny will perform all of the traditional duties of care expected, but she will also speak English with your child. They will sing and play, and your child will be speaking English as well as their native tongue in no time at all.


Our Nannies are childcare experts; they are passionate about what they do and love working with our clients. Our Nannies work all over the globe with Royals, UHNWs and everything in between.

Our Nannies are highly qualified and trained to work in private homes to the highest standards possible. Your children will be cared for, nurtured and already starting their learning journeys.

Our Nannies create a holistic learning environment for your children, not only will they learn English, but the basic building blocks they need to start their lives.