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School Placements

Consultancy for school places

We prepare and advise you on entry to the most elite schools in the world

Teacher Recruitment

Staff for Schools

Providing Schools with exceptional and passionate teachers that love what they do

Private tuition

Expert tuition

Specialist tuition from education experts, to help your children achieve the very best grades


Residential tutors

Childcare experts to enrich your home with a positive and immersive learning experience


Spencer Perceval Education

Spencer Perceval Education is an elite provider of consultancy and private tuition services for discerning clients who want to give their children the very best start.


We have two clear aims to fulfil, one: that the children under our guidance flourish and reach their maximum potential; two: that our students are both happy and balanced now, and later as adults.


Our experts ensure that your child’s future is in safe hands. We achieve the very best results for our clients with meticulous planning and by using outstanding educational professionals. 


We are here to help you put your children on the path to success.

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Alexandra, Mother of Ilya (12)

It has been a delight to work with Spencer Perceval. We managed to get Ilya offers from 2 of the most competitive schools in England, Rugby and Sevenoaks. Their expertise was invaluable and I can’t thank the team in Moscow enough for their hard work, helping us to get the very best for Ilya.

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Ekaterina, Mother of Fedor (12)

We were so happy when we got accepted into Eton College. We started preparations with Spencer Perceval, 2 years before the exams. Their team of consultants looked at every possible way to make our application the strongest it could be. The time and effort spent on building Fedor's profile was outstanding.

Andrey, Father of Anna (17)

When we were looking at universities for Anna, we knew that universities in London would be competitive. Spencer Perceval made it simple to understand the steps we needed to take, to ensure Anna would receive a place. Their team are high level experts and their advice was clear and comprehensive.

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Spencer Perceval Education

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